.​.​.​the local motion

by Good Times

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Kick It! 01:18
Whats wrong with Mitch? Are y'all to blind to see? Fuck work and fuck life man i'm goin to the beach. All i fuckin want is a smile on my face. Some sun and waves. Bikinis, babes. Dont Bother me cause i'm just tryin to Kick it!
Shore Break 00:59
Chasing Pizza and Fries With Franks and Heinz then get on my beach cruiser it makes me feel alive cant concentrate gotta get my head straight my life's been twisting, tumbling. caught in the... Never a day late or a dollar short skatin around town in my tank and my shorts cant concentrate gotta get my head straight my life's been twistin and tumblin like im caught in the shore break
Peacin' Out 00:45
Running in circles and beating dead horses added up. Talkin bout dreams and aspirations and some day but some day never comes. this constant rotation of stagnant conversation rots my insides and i'm boiling up thoughts lose control. there's no escape from reality when life comes crashing down I'm droppin out, jumpin ship quick. dont give a fuck if you can't swim. and if you're drownin man. don't get so fuckin salty when i'm sittin back and laughin.
Hollows 01:24
Don't want you to tell me all that i am all of you hollow words will never validate shit time after time come back to fuck with my head take and take, it's my mistake to even let this happen Woah took a good long while to shift the the shit through that smile Woah Forever a bad impression, at least i finally learned my lesson It is what it is, Until it isn't won't ever get wrapped up in that same situation somehow found some self respect in all of this mess it only made it easier to get you out of my head don't need you to tell me all that i am all of your hollow words say that i'm a piece of shit time after time come back to fuck with my head better watch your step this time, im through with you this is where it ends life goes on a lesson learned you're great at burning bridges i made sure the tables turned once your words were contradicting i'll stand my ground for myself move along forget my name won't even piss on the ashes i'll make sure nothing remans
B.T.C. 01:57
While you were screaming for the change You wana see in the world I was breaking these chains That were binding my hands and my FEET Actions are what speak to me Look inside and be the change. Masters of our own realities Im scratching, I’m clawing Im fighin’ still tryna figure out How it’s all suppose to make sense So I (continue to) SEEK Nothing worth havin comes easy Wont be a product of the same. Be the change. Break the chains. I’m to hard on myself. Can’t always make a difference But the world’s too fucked and Constantly needs fixin. Getin wrapped up in the daze in and days out livin. Forget to focus on what’s really goin on. (We’re) All on same the route tryna figure it out Been good and lost for a long time but not down for the count Because. We see through the deceiving Searching through lies for some meaning and coming up short. IT'S FUCKED Been fucked from the start doesn't mean i'm giving up I’m scratching, I’m clawin, im fighting Still tryna figure it out so I keep seeking.
I am brining me down kid. Being negative. At the end of the day I see through how they say it is. A glass half empty. A glass half full. Just gotta be realistic and try to keep my groove. But DOWN fucking down is where we’re headed And our options are running out. People waste their lives, one track minds we’ll never get it right. It’s crumbling fast. When is this all going to end? …this is the way that I see it. I only get one chance to breathe so I’m gonna get up, get out and get it. Fuck the demons in my head. Won’t be another statistic, you want something? Fucking take it. Fuck ‘em that’s the way they made it. Always half empty, always half full. Drink it up smash the glass. Live by your own fucking rules
Lessons 00:55
If you’re gonna be dumb then you best be tough” -the first lesson Pop Mitch taught me when I was young. Work hard, then play harder. Always eat your breakfast Try to learn from life’s lessons Hesitation leads to death. Lookin twice saves a life. Cant be scared, (not) this day and age. Karmas a bitch and snitches get stitches * Don’t forget that life is pain ** Reasons not rules make us strong *** And screaming gets you nothing.**** Respect and trust gets earned, Through years of work. You are what you eat. And there’s that golden rule thing. Keep learnin’ something everyday And make sure that you don’t repeat the same foolish past mistakes. those are just a few things that have stuck with me. Proper Nodz and borrowed lines from: (look in lyrics) * Leeway ** Merauder *** Bane **** American Nightmare
Party Animal 01:33
This cycle I need to break Two steps forward Then ten back the other way. The Progression of my sealed fate. Fighting this addiction Plagued with a disease. Any time I’ve felt under the weather Hittin the bottles never made me feel better. Bottoms up, this vicious cycles a killer Need to make a conscious effort to get better I cant unleash the beast the party animal is calling me every demon in my head is fucking smiling build it up just to burn it all down chasing the bottom of the bottle till im under ground. When’s enough? Enough. Enough. its got a fuck grip on me Choking the life out my insides Everything. Time to put an end to this Histories been on repeat “one more” will be the end of me never have I (ever) felt so weak.
...Again 01:04
it's low tide the stench is setting in i've got goose bumps along with a lonley feeling cruising around with my windows down the stereo's blastin...that's what it could have been from got caught up in the song and the scenery all these old streets just don't feel the same to me memories come flowing back with whiskey down my throat i'm wasted back to square one the fucking one place i said i'd never go again so much for moderation... gotta keep focused on good times with my family and friends... now i'm breaking everything back to my old ways fuck mitch is at it again finally faced the fact no one can save me from myself headed down a path of self destruction ...again.
Driveway 00:44
haulin ass out my driveway these fuckers waste my time I just want to pull out Get on with my life. They need to re-route the roads Forgot to re-paint the lines Maybe you’d all crash and burn Inside I’m fuckin buggin out… I think you’re fuckin driving me Drivin me fuckin insane One direction clears. The other gets clogged again. Left brakes Right accelerates I’m comin through get the fuck out my way.
I'm tired of these fly by night bands and fair weather fans you can all fucking suck my dick won't keep my mouth shut so get used to it Got what you needed than moved along like so many others and i've got a problem with what you fuckers called "unity" played the cool guy then said "peace" Never take for granted your friends and this scene fuck passing the torch man, i'd rather plant a seed gotta keep this shit pumpin, if you know what i mean as long as i'm breathing, i wont see this.... Be a victim of some bullshit preached. with out actions when you know that's what really speaks ain't fuckin here, to re-invent the wheel in search of the perfect rage dont forget. Real recognizes Real Falling off and moving on don't make sense to me fuck passing the torch man, i'd rather plant a seed watch it grow and progress, if you know what i mean as long as i'm breathing, i wont see this end. Nah. growing up and giving in ain't a choice for me
I live in a selfie, Go Fund Me world Filled with snot nosed spoon fed Little boys and little girls. P.C. bigot types and opioid drones. It’s a living fucking hell. Condemned to rot with the swill Everybody’s buyin but there aint much hirin’ cant go to far to fast with these half wits multiplying I watch this system sink quick In my short life time its already not the same just damn shame to see what we’ve become. I now live in an age where things are demanded and expected… Never earned. Wonder why we’re goin nowhere fast and have to watch it all burn.
ManBearPig 01:22
Line your lawns with signs and flags Pick sides accordingly. Under some notion that they’ll benefit You or me. Manipulated congregations (That are) bought and sold entirely their system and the cycle wont change cause we’re flocks of sheep. See what we’ve become? Or maybe it’s always been this way Something must be done ***** Its all fucked. Because there is no more tomorrow. Don’t matter if we get sick made that rich money quick the whole sha-bang’s built on “survival of the fit.” There’s to many known secrets All that conspiracy shit We need an impeachment Of the whole human race. Sweep it under the rug. We deserve everything comin our way How we treat this earth for a buck’s a fucking disgrace. The ditch has been dug and the gears have been spun We’ve been gettin set up to make sure we all go extinct. I aint complainin..thats just fine by me.
Bad Times 01:38
i've got a fucking war in my head and i spend half my days just waiting for them to end my thoughts are spinning around. i'm eaten inside and out by the hate flowing through my veins gotta figure out how to keep on going every single day i'm just tryna survive guess i gotta keep my mind focused on good times
what ever happened to our hopes and dreams? guess we got slapped by reality now we're all plagued by the american disease ..a slave to the work week they ain't got us beat. I may be down but i'm never out as long as my friends and hardcore are around but latley in my head i've been freakin out man a daily strugle. i can’t let this world make me weak i think i'm gonna lose it..gotta keep pushing through this fuck that debbie downer shit gotta get some pep in my step i'm gonna my groove back. skatin down to the beach stereo's blastin in my hand you're looking at me like i got ten heads hanging out having good times with my friends keepin up that positive. POSITIVE MENTAL RAD-ITUDE



Recorded and Mixed May 28th - October 16th 2016
by Jeff Barrow @ Barowtone Studios in Philadelphia, Pa.

Mastered by: Bill Henderson

Written between 2012-2016

All Music written by Steve Mitchum
Half Empty/Half Full and Hipster Nation - Nick Franco wrote those.
He also played Bass and Both Guitars on them.
...as well as 2nd Guitar on:
...Again/Bad Times and P.M.R.

Alex Mitchum plays 2nd Guitar on:
Shore Break and Hollows

Bass and Both Guitars on all other songs performed by
Steve Mitchum

All Percussion by Vince Mitchum

All Lyrics Written and Vocals performed by Steve Mitchum.

Larry does guest vocals on P.M.R.
Seamus does guest vocals on ...Again

Gang Vocals by: Steve, Alex, TJ, Seamus, Don, Lou, J-Lowe

Artwork by:
Tessy Mitchum (Brennan)
Instagram: @tessymitchum

Vinyl out via Snot Rocket Records early 2017


released October 21, 2016


all rights reserved



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